14 - 27 MARCH

Normandy Nude

Normandy Nue

As everywhere in France, the breeders of the small village of Mêle sur Sarthe, in Normandy, are severely affected by the economical crisis. Their mayor, Georges Balbuzard, has a great idea to save his village: a famous photographer, known for posing completely naked crowds, is just passing through the region. Balbuzard sees the opportunity to have the breeders pose for a photo shoot with the famous photographer and save the village. But the breeders are reluctant to lay it all bare for this American photographer.


The French Film Festival has grown to become the foremost French cultural event and the second largest film festival in New Zealand.

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31 January 2019
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12 March 2019
Opening Night Wellington

13 March 2019
Opening Night Auckland

14 March – 27 March 2019
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