14 - 27 MARCH



Rose and Alice are two very different sisters. Rose is free and rock n’roll. Alice is tidy and responsible. They do not agree on anything except for the urgency of cheering up their mother, Françoise, who was recently dumped by their father for a much younger woman. While depressed, her two daughters, Rose and Alice, decide to go with her on holiday in Reunion. It works pretty well, but there’s a catch: Rose is an inveterate party girl while Alice prefers to go to bed early. Will the two sisters know how to stay with their mother?


The French Film Festival has grown to become the foremost French cultural event and the second largest film festival in New Zealand.

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31 January 2019
Line-up and Tickets on Sale

12 March 2019
Opening Night Wellington

13 March 2019
Opening Night Auckland

14 March – 27 March 2019
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