Tour De Force / La Grande Boucle


Director: Laurent Tuel
Cast: Clovis Cornillac, Bouli Lanners
Country: France, 2013
Duration: 98 minutes
Rating: M – offensive language

Like millions of others worldwide, 40-year-old François Nouel (Clovis Cornillac) is a die-hard Tour de France fan. Unbeatable on anything to do with the race, he spends as much time as he can on his bike and dreams of being a professional. When his wife discovers on the eve of his holidays that he’s been volunteered to work on the Tour, it’s all too much: she tells him she’s leaving with his son in tow.

Then he meets Rémi Pletinckx (Bouli Lanners), a depressed former sports manager who’s also come to the end of his tether. Under Pletinckx’s influence, François makes up his mind to live his childhood dream: to take the plunge and do the Tour de France himself. The race begins tomorrow so if he leaves now, one day ahead of the pros, he could even get to Paris before them.

Alone at first, François is quickly joined by others who have been inspired by the choice he has embraced. As each stage is passed, the media starts to go crazy, the crowds cheer, the Yellow Jersey is furious. François must be stopped…!

Tour de Force is a funny and exciting story of ordinary, everyday heroes and how life changes when you turn your dreams into a reality.