The House Of Radio / La Maison de la Radio


Director: Nicolas Philibert
Cast: Tata Milourda, Eric Caravaca, Laetitia Bernard, Denis Faroud
Country: France/Japan, 2012
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 103 minutes
Rating: Exempt

If you did not get a chance to see The House of Radio during the New Zealand International Film Festival 2013, now is your chance!

Être et Avoir director Nicolas Philibert crafts a funny, intimate and captivating montage of a group of tireless professionals who work in the gigantic circular Radio France building in Paris.

Philibert takes his time to observe the people and their processes so that unforgettable characters begin to emerge – a news editor with a wicked sense of humour, a clumsy new recruit, a meticulous producer of radio plays, a chatty phone-operator dealing with a constant stream of talk-back callers, a radio music archivist surrounded by stacks of CDs. Occasionally Philibert takes the action outdoors where he follows Tour de France commentators on the job and sound engineers gathering recordings of nature. The film also showcases an entire spectrum of political and cultural programmes, readings, reports on location, concerts and exclusive interviews.

With an annual budget of more than NZ$800 million, French public radio has an almost religious status in France which The House of Radio perfectly conveys. The film is a must-see; an enchanting homage to the wonderful world of French radio.