Director: Julien Rappeneau
Cast: Noémie Lvovsky, Kyan Khojandi, Alice Isaaz, Anémone, Philippe Rebbot
Country: France, 2016
Language: French with English subtitles
Genre: Comedy
Rating: M, Offensive language
Duration: 96 minutes
Festivals: Festival du Film de Sarlat 2015, Audience Prize, Best Actress

International Première


Based on the award-winning series of graphic novels by Camille Jourdy, Julien Rappeneau’s enchanting directorial debut Rosalie Blum is a warm, witty and impeccably performed comedy about a random encounter that has unexpected and far-reaching consequences.

Thirty-something Vincent Machot (indelibly played by Kyan Khojandi) is a hairdresser, like his father before him. Life rotates around work, his overbearing mother who lives in the apartment upstairs, and a womanising cousin constantly trying to set him up. But one morning Vincent experiences a powerful déjà-vu when he meets the gaze of a grocery store clerk, Rosalie Blum (the fabulous Noémie Lvovsky). Intrigued by this mysterious woman, he begins following her…

To reveal more would only spoil the surprises of Rappeneau’s ingeniously structured tale, other than to say that a series of coincidences – both hilarious and dramatic
– memorably brings together a group of lost souls in a manner reminiscent of Claude Berri’s wonderful Hunting and Gathering.

With its themes of fraternity, love and the need for human connection, Rosalie Blum is a joy to watch.


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