Planetarium / Planétarium


Director: Rebecca Zlotowski
Cast: Natalie Portman, Lily-Rose Depp, Emmanuel Salinger, Louis Garrel, Amira Casar
Country: France, Belgium
Language: French with English subtitles, English
Year of production: 2016
Genre: Drama, Period Film
Rating: M Sex scenes, nudity & drug use
Duration: 105 min
Festivals: Venice International Film Festival 2016, Out of Competition

“Gorgeous, dreamy supernatural drama.” The Guardian


Kate and Laura Barlow (Natalie Portman and Lily-Rose Depp), two sisters who have the ability to contact ghosts, have just completed a world tour. At the close of the 1930s, they enter Paris to perform as psychic mediums. There, in the city of light, they catch the eye of film producer Korben (Emmanuel Salinger) who becomes obsessed with the idea of filming the supernatural. The sisters become embroiled in the world of cinema, blissfully unaware of the worldwide turmoil of the years to come.

Rebecca Zlotowski (Grand Central) has a reputation for films of emotional depth and striking visuals. Taking us back to the height of studio cinema, Planetarium showcases opulent costumes and stunning cinematography. The use of the “supercamera” Alexa 65 is a first in French films, and its impact is obvious in the rich and compelling nature of the visuals. Natalie Portman and Lily-Rose Depp, both fluent in French, sparkle in the roles of two sisters with a love for dramatics. The film is loosely based on historical fact, alluding to the fate of Bernard Natan, a film innovator and one time owner of Pathé and the Fox sisters, mediums who were influential in the growth of spiritualism.



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