Me, Myself and Mum / Les Garçons et Guillaume, à table!


Director: Guillaume Gallienne
Cast: Guillaume Gallienne, André Marcon, Françoise Fabien, Diane Kruger
Country: France, 2013
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 85 minutes
Rating: TBC

The award-winning actor-writer-director Guillaume Gallienne is a member of the Comédie-Française and a rising star in France. Me, Myself and Mum is a clever adaptation of his hit one-man stage show into a flamboyant, confessional and hilarious film about sexual anguish.

Gallienne plays himself from child to teenager to man, charting an awkward path with a domineering mother (played by Gallienne in drag) who raised him to be gay before he had a chance to define his own sexuality.

Gallienne’s life is presented in a series of fast-paced and funny vignettes that detail the most embarrassing moments of his life, with a great supporting cast and a script full of clever misdirection.

Ultimately this is a moving story of a man taking ownership of his complicated life in an original and theatrical way. Me, Myself and Mum earned rapturous applause when it premiered in Cannes in 2013, and it is sure to have audiences cheering here too.

Screening Times


Sat 22 Feb 8:30 PM


Sat 15 Mar 8:30 PM


Sat 5 Apr 8:30 PM E *


* SPECIAL EVENT: In the Spotlight