It Boy / 20 ans d’écart


Director: David Moreau
Cast: Pierre Niney, Virginie Efira, Gilles Cohen, Charles Berling
Country: France, 2013
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 92 minutes
Rating: M – Drug use and sexual references

It Boy takes a hilarious look at sex, ambition and age differences in the glamorous world of Parisian publishing.

Beautiful and talented Alice (Virginie Efira) is in her late thirties, with her sights set on the top job at the haute couture fashion magazine, Rebelle. Unfortunately her uptight attitude makes her boss Vincent (Gilles Cohen) doubt she has what it takes.

However, when she meets the 20-year-old Balthazar (Pierre Niney), a series of misunderstandings brings out the inner cougar: she suddenly finds herself with a new image and enhanced career prospects.

But can Alice keep up the sizzling new façade? And what happens when her sham relationship with Balthazar becomes something more serious?

The chemistry between the two sublime leads Virginie Efira and rising star Pierre Niney is nothing short of effervescent. It Boy is an entertaining, glossy film that’s sure to appeal to lovers of fast-paced romantic comedies.