Dark Diamond / Diamant noir


Director: Arthur Harari
Cast: Niels Schneider, August Diehl, Hans Peter Cloos, Abdel-Hafed Benotman
Country: France, Belgium
Language: French, German with English subtitles, English
Year of production: 2016
Genre: Thriller, Film Noir
Rating: R16 Violence & sexual violence
Duration: 111 min
Festivals: Viennale International Film Festival 2016, Beaune Festival du Film International du Film Policier 2016
Awards: Beaune Festival du Film International du Film Policier 2016: Jury Prize, Beaune, Académie des César Award for Best Male Newcomer – Niels Schneider

“A visually striking heist thriller.” The Hollywood Reporter


Arthur Harari’s film opens with the death of Pier Ulmann’s father, poverty stricken and ousted by his family after a fatal accident. Pier’s desire to avenge his father leads him to infiltrate the ranks of his affluent diamond-dealing extended family. Considering the family culpable for his father’s loss, Pier plans a heist under the guise of carrying out construction work on the diamond firm.

A modern interpretation of the classic film noir genre, Dark Diamond stages all the ingredients: a criminal the audience feels for, a fast, forward-moving, gripping story, and a heist. In the vein of French masters of the genre such as Jean- Pierre Melville (Le Doulos), Arthur Harari’s polished film noir is set in the diamond district of Antwerp, Belgium. Originally conceptualised as a modern reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, playing on the traditional formula of a vengeful son taking apart his family for the sake of his tragically deceased father, Dark Diamond is characterised by intense scenes and confronting cinematography. The audience can’t help but be on the edge of their seat as Pier’s quest for revenge quickly becomes compromised by unforeseen complications.

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