Cycling With Molière / Alceste à Bicyclette


Director: Philippe le Guay
Fabrice Luchini, Lambert Wilson, Maya Sansa, Camille Japy
Country: France, 2012
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 104 minutes
Rating: TBC

From the director of The Women on the Sixth Floor, comes what the Hollywood Reporter calls a “warm and winning chamber piece about two actors taking on Molière’s challenging The Misanthrope and trying not to strangle one another in the process.”

At the peak of his acting career, Serge Tanneur (played by In the House’s fabulous Fabrice Luchini) turns his back on the world of show business for good. He’s had enough of the while disillusioning, back-stabbing, soul-destroying shebang. So Serge decides to live like a hermit in a run-down house on the picturesque Île de Ré off France’s Atlantic coast.

Three years later, Gauthier Valence (Lambert Wilson), a well-loved TV actor, turns up on the island to offer Serge a principal role in The Misanthrope. Serge refuses, swearing that he will never return to the stage. And yet, something inside him wants to be convinced. He makes a pact that after five days of rehearsals, he’ll decide if he wants to do the play or not.

Cycling with Molière is a thoroughly enjoyable film which cleverly echoes the themes of Molière’s classic text, while offering wonderful insights into the work of an actor.