Director: Eric Lavaine
Cast: Lambert Wilson, Franck Dubosc, Florence Foresti, Guillaume de Tonquedec
Country: France
Year: 2014
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 98 minutes
Rating: M – offensive language, sexual references, drug use

“A tasty comedy about friendship in your forties and fifties, centering around Lambert Wilson in crisis-mode.”

Le Parisien 


For his fiftieth birthday, Antoine receives an unwanted gift: a heart attack. He has been advised by his doctors and loved ones to “take care” from now on. But Antoine has spent his whole life taking care − of his health, his diet and his family − while putting up with his friends’ little oddities and swallowing one humiliation after another. Now he intends to do things differently…

He quits his job, books a breath-taking holiday house in the south of France for a bit of rest and relaxation with his friends, and increases his daily aioli and wine intake. But beneath the idyllic holiday setting, various stories and a few personal problems start bubbling to the surface, ultimately putting some friendships and marriages to the test. Antoine soon realises that changing his own life inevitably means changing those of the others around him.

Starring the ever-so-dapper French acting A-lister Lambert Wilson (Cycling with Molière) and comedic heroine Florence Foresti, Barbecue is a fun, sun-kissed comedy that never takes itself too seriously. But, it has a big problem… it’ll make you want to get on the next flight to the south of France!


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Wed 25 Feb 6:15 PM Films for Foodies: Barbecue
Sat 28 Feb 8:30 PM
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