Spotlight on a Sponsor: TV5MONDE

To celebrate our fantastique 2018 Festival sponsors, we are continuing our ‘Spotlight on a Sponsor’ special on our blog to introduce the people behind the brand. This week, we are pleased to present our wonderful Silver Sponsor TV5MONDE.

Alexandre Muller, Managing Director of TV5MONDE Asia Pacific, sat down to answer our short questionnaire and give us some insight into the company.

What is your favourite thing about French culture? 

I absolutely love (almost) everything about French culture, not only because I am French! I must admit that I admire the “French Touch” which is synonymous for me of culture, heritage, quality, refinement, excellence, pleasure and Art de Vivre. It represents the French way of life, a legacy of the influence of France abroad that we are very proud to represent through the various TV5MONDE channels.

Which French films from the 2018 programme are you most looking forward to?

Considering this year’s very large selection, it is hard to choose just one. Nevertheless I have to admit that Back to Burgundy, by Cédric Klapisch is probably one of the best French movies I have seen in many years. I deeply recommend it and I am sure the public will be moved the same way as I was.

How does your company bring a French touch to New Zealand? 

TV5MONDE offers its own/unique French touch thanks to the programming of its regional channel TV5MONDE Pacifique, which casts the spotlight on contemporary and classic cinema, latest TV Series, exciting documentaries, lifestyle magazines, live sports events and youth programmes. On the other hand, we have recently created TV5MONDE Style, a channel entirely dedicated to the French Art of Living and refinement in all its forms. This includes fashion, jewellery, gastronomy, oenology, architecture, heritage and more. This channel is available upon subscription on TV5MONDE + Pacifique, online viewing service.

What is your favourite French saying?

The French language is full of expressions, with colours, food, body, music or animals. I like them all! If you want to learn more about those expressions “prenez le taureau par les cornes” (take the bull by the horns) and visit our website under the “French Language” tab.

Which French-speaking destination would be your dream holiday?
I haven’t seen the movie Gauguin yet, but I am sure that Tahiti will be my French-speaking dream destination once I’ve watched it.