Spotlight on a Sponsor: Renault New Zealand

To celebrate our fantastique 2018 Festival sponsors, we are continuing our ‘Spotlight on a Sponsor’ special on our blog to introduce the people behind the brand. This week, we are pleased to present our Principal Sponsor Renault New Zealand.

Henry Belt sat down to answer our short questionnaire and give us some insight into the company.

What is your favourite thing about French culture? 

Food….of course

Which French films from the 2018 programme are you most looking forward to?

I’m not sure anything will beat the performance of Dr Knock in the movie “Knock

How does your company bring a French touch to New Zealand? 

Through being the distributor for the 120 year old French car company- Renault

What is your favourite French saying?

That would be – C’est la vie

Which French-speaking destination would be your dream holiday?