The Stars of Tomorrow: an introduction

The Stars of Tomorrow is programme set up under the umbrella of the Alliance Française French Film Festival in New Zealand to formalise the initiative begun with the visit of actor Pierre Rochefort in 2014, who has since gone on to receive a nomination at the 2015 César Awards. Every year, an aspiring new French filmmaker or actor will be chosen by the Festival team to travel to New Zealand to promote their film, which will screen in the official festival selection.

The Alliance Française French Film Festival is known to be one of the largest and fastest growing French film festivals outside France, that endeavours to support and celebrate the voices and visions of the new generation of talented filmmakers, screenwriters and actors. The Stars of Tomorrow scheme is the ideal way to encapsulate the spirit of the Festival, and would not just create a legacy for the event, but also for the chosen talent.

The Stars of Tomorrow is also a way to enrich the local New Zealand film-going community, by showcasing the freshest talent from France and their respective projects. Q+A sessions and special events will be organized around selected screenings to give Festival spectators an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the project was put together and how the artistic vision became a reality.

The 2015 Star of Tomorrow:

Hot off the success of her première at the Vancouver International Film Festival, first-time feature filmmaker Julie Georgia Bernard showcased her documentary Handmade with Love in France during the Alliance Française French Film Festival 2015 in New Zealand.

Handmade with Love in France is a riveting documentary celebrating the Parisian artisans who create haute couture outfits for the likes of Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel, and explores what happens when their workshops begin to close their doors. New Zealand Herald’s Viva Magazine called it, “The best film at this year’s French Film Festival.”

“I love New Zealand,” says Bernard, “and it would be such an honour if you like my film.”

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